Management Policy 

As the asset management company of Sekisui House Reit, Sekisui House Asset Management "SHAM" aims to ensure stable profits over the medium and long terms, achieve steady growth of assets under management, and to maximize investor value by implementing growth strategies which make full use of the real estate development and operational capabilities of Sekisui House through the sponsor support agreement.

1. Adoption of framework that attaches importance to the interests of investors

SHAM aims to maximize investor value by fully utilizing the versatile support offered by Sekisui House and Sekisui House Real Estate Group in its growth strategies. At the same time, we have established a governance framework with the objectivity to ensure that investor interests are not harmed by a conflict of interests.

2. Stable and sound financial operations

Our policy is to conduct stable and sound financial operations to ensure stable profits in the medium and long term and to improve investor value.

3. Information disclosure policy

We shall proactively disclose information that is deemed to be important for investment decisions. We will also give consideration to the transparency and ease of understanding of information and, when disclosing information required by law or otherwise, we will endeavor to disclose information to investors quickly, accurately and fairly.